Guidelines for Implementation

Implementation of the ICT@Schools Scheme: Model Bid Document


Begun in 2004, the ICT@Schools scheme primarily aims at catalysing the process of infusion of Information and Communication Technologies supported practices, which in turn will enhance productivity, efficiencies and an equitable access to education to all.

The scheme is run by the states with funding support from the Ministry of Human Resources Development. Over the years, states have responded enthusiastically to the possibilities of this scheme and large numbers of schools across many states are equipped with a state of the art ICT infrastructure. Students and teachers are the beneficiaries of the activities undertaken under the scheme.

The experiences of different states in operating this scheme through their own agencies or through BOO/BOOT models has been varied and at times mixed. This prompted the constitution of a Committee to examine various issues arising out of the tender process and arrangements with the agencies. The Committee was entrusted with the responsibility to develop a Model Bid Document and Model Service Level Agreement, which will advise the states in the process of inviting bids and the subsequent implementation of the ICT@Schools scheme.

The document contains:

  • Defining an ICT Programme in Schools
  • Infrastructure Options for the ICT Programme
  • The Plan for ICT Infrastructure
  • Management of the ICT@Schools Programme
  • Encouraging Wider Participation
  • Digital Content and Computer Assisted Learning
  • Technical Components of Bid
  • Maintenance of the ICT Infrastructure
  • Outright Purchase Model
  • Model Bid Document
  • Model Service Level Agreement


  • List of schools for present tender
  • Eligibility criteria for bidders
  • Formats of certificates, enclosures and supporting documents for Qualification Proposal
  • Formats of certificates, enclosures and supporting documents for Technical Proposal
  • Formats of certificates, enclosures and supporting documents for Financial Proposal
  • Rating List for Qualification Proposal
  • Rating List for Technical Proposal.

Infrastucture Options

Download the Guidelines and Model Bid Document ICTguide.pdf